Pediatric Dentist in Levittown

We believe in preventive care - regular check ups and cleanings, to prevent problems before they occur! 


The AAPD recommends all children be evaluated by a dental professional twice a year. We will gladly perform an extensive examination of your child's head, neck, and mouth, carefully reviewing teeth and soft tissues for signs of pathologies. Our preventive dental care includes regular cleanings and fluoride treatments, as well as nutrition and diet recommendations.


Occasionally, we are required to take x-rays of your children's teeth to evaluate their teeth and bones, which cannot be visualized by the naked eye. While dental x-rays are very safe, we are proud to offer digital radiography which greatly reduces the amount of radiation your child would receive compared to traditional x-rays.


In order to prevent a tooth from getting a cavity, we are able to place a sealant, or a protective coating on top of the tooth.  This prevents bacteria from attaching on to the chewing surface of the tooth, thereby preventing cavities from forming.


Sports injuries account for up to 40% of dental injuries.  All children should wear a mouth guard while playing sports, which will help decrease the likelihood of sustaining an injury to the teeth.  We are able to create a custom mouth guard that will be comfortable for your child and will help keep him/her safe.


If your child's teeth appear discolored, ask Dr. Amar if he/she would be a good candidate for bleaching.  There are many different causes for staining, and many different treatment options. Dr. Amar will be happy to discuss all options and which will be best for your child.


Should your child develop a cavity at a young age and is unable to sit still and receive a dental restoration, we are able to provide a new treatment called silver diamine fluoride, which can help stop the decay from progressing into the tooth until your child is older and able to cooperate for treatment.


Dr. Amar has been trained by the leading specialist in laser dentistry.  If your child is unable to latch  or is having speech problems due to a tongue tie, we will evaluate him/her and may be able to use a laser to remove the tissue in a safe, pain-free manner.


If your child is having pain or discomfort, we will work hard to ensure we can see him/her in a timely manner.  Please contact us immediately if your  child experiences any of the following:

- broken or knocked out tooth

- facial swelling

- lost filling or crown

- toothache

- injury to the face


If your child's teeth come in rotated or crooked, we will evaluate them to see if they would be a good candidate for orthodontics (or braces).  Dr. Amar will then be able to determine if your child's teeth may be straightened in our office or if it needs to be referred to an orthodontist.


If your child develops tooth decay (or a cavity), we are able to remove the affected tooth structure and restore the tooth with a white colored filling.


When decay progresses into a tooth, sometimes it is necessary to complete remove the decay and cover the tooth with a crown.  Usually this is best achieved with a stainless steel crown to prevent future problems with the same tooth.  If a crown is placed on a baby tooth, that tooth will eventually fall out naturally, just like any other tooth would naturally exfoliate.


If your child has a very deep cavity that has reached the inner nerve of the tooth, we may provide nerve therapy to clean the portion of the nerve that was affected by bacteria, place a medicine to relieve future discomfort, and restore the tooth with a crown.  This treatment is especially useful to prevent the need for an early extraction.


If a tooth has a large cavity that requires a crown, Dr. Amar may be able to save the tooth with an esthetic white colored crown.  This is only possible under certain circumstances, but a ceramic crown has a beautiful finish that will beautifully within your child's natural dentition.


If your child is having trouble removing a tooth on his/her own or if a tooth is severely broken down, we are able to remove the tooth in a safe and pain free way. Many times we are able to remove the tooth without your child knowing what even took place!


Baby teeth serve many functions: chewing, aiding in speech, and holding space for the permanent teeth.  If a baby tooth is lost early, your child may be at risk of losing space for his/her permanent tooth to come in.  To prevent this problem, we may place a space maintainer in your child's mouth to hold space until the permanent tooth comes in.  


When providing restorative treatment for children, some kids may be a bit anxious or nervous.  In conjunction with the AAPD, Dr. Amar provides the option of nitrous oxide to relieve anxiety and allow Dr. Amar to provide excellent care in a fun, relaxed manner for your child.  Your child is not asleep during this procedure, and is able to talk and understand everything that is happening.  Immediately after the treatment has concluded, your child will return right back to their normal level of activity.


For children that have been affected by extensive early childhood caries, having treatment in the office or silver diamine fluoride may not be an option.  In these cases, we can provide treatment in conjunction with an anesthesiologist so that  your child can receive all dental treatment while he/she is sleeping, in a safe, compassionate manner.     

Laser Frenectomy

Board certified pediatric dentist Dr. Amar Singh, now offers state-of-the-art CO2 laser surgery options for children of all ages with the Lightscalpel. One of the many procedures performed with a LightScalpel CO2 laser is a tongue-tie release, which is quick, gentle and typically requires no sutures (stitches). A tongue-tie can negatively impact a child’s ability to swallow, speak, sleep, a baby’s ability to nurse, and more.

If your baby is having trouble latching, very gassy, gags during feeding, has poor weight gain, reflux, or bites/chews the nipple causing pain or mastitis to mother....these are just a few of the many symptoms that can arise from an undiagnosed lip or tongue tie. Please schedule an appointment with us for a consultation. We will investigate to see if there are any tethered oral tissues restricting your child from feeding properly. The results can be dramatic and life changing from a very simple procedure.

When compared to traditional methods, LightScalpel laser soft-tissue procedures result in little to no bleeding, less swelling, and less discomfort. The American-made LightScalpel CO2 laser is cleared by the FDA for numerous soft tissue surgical procedures including frenectomy (tongue- and lip-tie release), mucocele excision, unerupted tooth exposure, and many more. To learn more about the laser and its many benefits visit  

We are always here for you if you have any questions or would like to discuss further in person!